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Dangerous Dog Needs To Be Removed!!!

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Today, my Chiweenie Nicky, was attacked by a neighborhood Pitt Bull named Zeke! Zeke is notorious for getting out of the house and going after, and/or attacking, neighborhood pets and people! Today, my precious Nick was his victim! He bit him several times, only causing minor scrapes and bruising, but he would be dead had we not been there to save him! He is not himself since the attack; he's afraid to go outside and seems depressed! THIS IS NOT OK!!! My elderly dog, Bridget, was right there too; had he targeted her, she wouldn't have had a chance! NIck is small and fast, so he tried to run in order to save his life! We were forced to throw full cans of beverages at the dog's head to get him to leave! His owner, whom we know personally, acted like it was no big deal! She has previously told us of several occasions where the dog got loose and went after other animals! My neighbors told me that the dog went after our kitty, Julie, a couple of weeks ago! Every time, her excuse is that one of the kids accidentally let him out!! I am a true animal lover and have owned a Pitt Bull before; he was an amazing dog because of PROPER TRAINING! Zeke's owner has done NOTHING to help with his issues or to ensure that he doesn't get out! Unfortunately, the dog isn't safe for our neighborhood pets or children! We need him to be removed and placed in a home where he can receive proper training; where the owners can actually have time for him & take him for ensure this doesn't happen again!

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