Dangerous Dogs responsible for savage attack on elderly neighbour released back to owners

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This petition is to The Perth Magistrates Court to reverse the decision handed down on Friday 9th March at Fremantle Magistrates Court, which will see two Dangerous Dogs returned to their owners after carrying out a vicious attack on neighbours. 

 On the 20 November 2017, the two accused dogs inflicted life threatening injuries to one elderly neighbour and several wounds to two neighbours who went to the elderly neighbours aid during the attack.

On Friday 9th March 2018 Fremantle Magistrates Court charged the brother and sister owners of the dogs after the owners pleaded guilty to the charges bought forward by Melville City Council. The owners received $13k in combined fines.  

The Magistrate originally executed  the Destruction Order put forth by Melville City Council, later revoking it on unknown grounds. The outcome meaning the dogs will now be returned to the owners Aurelian St, Palmyra property within 7 days. 

The return of the animals pending modifications to the owners house. Including separation of the dogs in the backyard, automated fence and muzzles in public.

All modifications that do not guarantee the safety of neighbours shall the dogs escape  unmuzzled.



Recount of the Dog Attack by witnessing neighbours, as penned to Melville City Council on the day post attack.

‭On Monday evening 20 November 2017 at approximately 7pm, Aurelian St, Palmyra, our elderly neighbour Mrs. S was in her driveway as she was savagely set upon by two dogs, owned by the residents of her neighbouring property, Sister and Brother, Ms  DVG and Mr  DVG of Aurelian St, Palmyra.

Upon hearing Mrs. S’s blood curdling screams, three neighbours- a husband and wice duo- Mr & Mrs L, and another individual J ran to Mrs. S aid.

Mr DVG was not home at the time of the incident.

Ms DVG was and was responsible for releasing the dogs into the public unrestrained as she wanted to take them for a walk (Ms. DVG voiced this to her Father who arrived on the scene post attack). 

Ms DVG, her Mother and Sister, present at the time of the attack were all unable to gain control of the dogs and prevent them from attacking Mrs S, and/or Mr & Mrs L.

Evident that Ms DVG had/has no control of the animals.

In the process of trying to rescue Mrs S, Mr & Mrs L sustained several bites by both of the vicious dogs.

Mr L received 3 bite marks, Mrs L 1 bite mark, Mrs S hospitalised with her right leg extensively damaged later having to undergo plastic surgery, her left leg with 8 deep puncture wounds and haematoma. 

With the dogs due to be released back in the owners possession, we pose the question, “ what extent of damage do these animals need to inflict before the Court will consider implementing the Destruction Notice?”

We pray that it not be at the cost of a life of another resident of Aurelian Street or one of the neighbouring streets in Palmyra, WA. 

With a children’s park within 100m to the Dogs residing property, a street lined with young children and elderly residents, we the residents of Aurelian Street believe the risk to be far too great.