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Danger Nuclear Cover-ups in FL,VA,NJ,CT and others

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The Nuclear Industry is safe, highly regulated & it’s rules strictly enforced… NOT!!!
AMES GROUP llc has falsified and submitted falsified federally regulated documents verifying qualifications of employees that are working on critical safety related equipment, to people that have received little or no training in the field…These certifications follow the individual from site to site.
There are hundreds if not thousands of employees that work for this company every year. How many do you think are truly qualified? Probably less than you think.
Guess who certifies them? Ames does. What happens if you say something? You get fired. How about six months later at a public meeting by the NRC in place to discuss problems at that Nuclear Plant? You get removed! You walk in see the woman you reported the safety concerns to. Walk over and shake her hand You ask if it’s ok that your there to attend the public meeting. She states there is no reason you wouldn’t be allowed to public meeting... Immediately you’re approached and escorted out of the building by the Plant Security Manager (Dwight Young) & a St. Lucie Sheriff's deputy, told to leave and have a trespass warrant put against you for being on property. When asked why, The security manager replied FP&L's legal department told him not to allow you to attend the meeting. No further info was provided.
Does this sound like a bad movie? No it’s the Life of Thomas King.
After 26yrs of Faithful Service Thomas King was approached by his employer and asked to falsify a Federally Regulated Document, He Refused. Knowing that this was a violation of federal law Mr. King reported the incident to FP&L executives & the on-site nuclear resident Inspector. Instead of investigating, Mr. King was relieved of his security clearance.
The document in question is not just any document it was Certifications stating that he had received Formal Training & Performed Tasks Evaluation on the Acquiring and Analyzing of MOV Test Data. There are two Major Flaws with this.
1st The document was dated several years prior.
2nd He never received the Training. (Wasn’t even under AMES employment at the time)
Mr. King has filed complaints with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission & claims under OSHA's Whistleblower Protection Program. The case is very complex however there is evidence provided to government officials that prove without any doubt that AMES Group has misrepresented at-least one of their employees certifications.
Being that AMES GROUP llc, Is under criminal investigation by the NRC. AMES Group & it’s employees should be suspended from working in the industry pending the outcome of the NRC’s investigation.
It is 6 months into an investigation and the problem remains that the perpetrators of this fraud, are still working in nuclear sites, on safety related equipment & there is currently no way to know who is truly qualified.
Federal Laws 10cfr50 & FP&L’s own access authorization standards deem AMES Group untrustworthy/unreliable. Which should have already forced the revocation of AMES group LLC’s employees access to Nuclear sites
Remember those MOV diagnostics tests Ames performed??? on March 31st there was a malfunction in one of these valves @ St. Lucie Nuclear. What’s next?
St. Lucie nuclear plant is now plagued with problems. See Attached news article.
This is an unprecedented situation; this affects citizens of the world. If not remedied, the resulting effects may be catastrophic!
We the people demand:
1st The Nuclear regulatory Commission, Place a stop and desist order on any and all work being performed by AMES GROUP llc, any of their subsidiaries & or their parent corporation.
2nd A mandatory qualification test be performed on all employees. (Various methods of testing including written, hands on & performance tests. test to be performed by a 3rd party & federally regulated)
3rd The results of this test will earn the test taker a license for the job position. License can be renewed annually only after continued education in the field.
4th A criminal investigation into the conspiracy and cover-up of this matter
5th The resignation of FP&L’s Saint Lucie plants Vice President Rich Anderson & the Sr NRC Resident inspector Tim Hoeg.
Once notified of the situation they had a legal and fiduciary responsibility as well as the Moral obligation to act accordingly. In a combined effort they chose to cover up this situation and discredit Thomas King rather than investigate the allegations. Their acts of corporate greed

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