Save Tasmanian Weddings - Let us Dance!

I am a full time wedding photographer and we have experienced a huge amount of postponed weddings and a huge loss of income. The devastation and uncertainty these particular restrictions have continued to bring to our clients has been heartbreaking to watch and although we work closely to help them choose a date that works for all vendors involved, we have given thousands and thousands of dollars in refunds to our clients (which with no cashflow during COVID with clients losing work and postponing payments to us was very painful to keep up with rent and feeding our babies). Many of the reasons for postponing have been because they can’t dance which seems like an unnecessary precaution because as mentioned in the petition contact sport and dance schools are allowed to operate but dancing and hugging guests at a wedding isn’t. Every couple should have right to party & celebrate with their loved ones (especially with there currently being zero active cases in Tas) 

Emily Davis, Kingston, Australia
1 year ago
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