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PLEASE Help These Poor Starving Dogs By Freeing Them From The Cruel Hands Of Their Owner And Keeper Cody Kreft And His Assistant Jeff Bingham!!! Help Them By Assuring That These Men Are Held Responsible For Their Starvation And Neglect And Face Criminal Charges, Are Convicted And Given The Maximum Penalty Allowed By Law For Animal Neglect, Animal Abuse, Animal Cruelty And Animal Murder!!!

Until just recently these dogs were trapped in kennels on a ranch in Danbury Texas, just south of Houston, Texasin Brazoria County. Last report was that the dogs were moved by the owner of the property Cody Kreft, to another one of his properties. The Current Location Of The Dogs Is Unknown At This Time!!!

A young lady, Mistie Wright in Danbury, TX tried to get assistance for these dogs. She has taken the videos which are linked below. She has also taken 78 photos and abundant documentation. She has made numerous pleas to every government agency in this town, with absolutely NO help from any of the authorities whatsoever.

The man that owns this property is Cody Kreft and he works offshore. He left them in the care of Jeff Bingham who has not been seen in over a month. Both of men have given no care, food or water to these dogs and they have been slowly starving in filth, feces and urine with no way out. The dogs were starved and at least one suffered a cruel and agonizing death. Please help these defenseless dogs. Sign this petition today to ensure that the men responsible for the horrific conditions, cruelty and neglect that these poor animals were forced to endure face criminal charges.

The Chief of Police Vince Hatthorn is directly responsible for doing nothing to help these dogs. Danbury Animal Control officer did everything she could to save the starving dogs and have them seized that very day from the owner. The chief of police forbid her to take further action and he personally allowed the owner to remove the dogs and take them to an unknown location.

Below is the detailed account of the most vile abuse of a public office I have ever heard of.

The dogs suffered horribly when assistance should have been there for them sooner. May all the public officers of this town be shamed to allow such a barbaric crime to continue as long as it had. I am concerned for those in public office in this town, whether it be animal control, police department or county attorney. All of these public officials had been made aware of this and had done nothing to help these dying dogs. They ALL should be held responsible for the horrific conditions, cruelty and neglect that these poor animals were forced to endure. What an abuse of tax paying dollars of a government office.

The dog feces 2" were inches thick. Also, there was 3 puppies in the same filth. This dog pictured directly above was so starved he ate the paper plate that had the food on it, it also looks like he shredded something to try and eat in his pen*


"Animals Do Not Have A Voice Of Their Own. If We Do Not Stand Up And Speak For Them... Who Will?!"
~ Joan E Loza Mobry


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