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Drop Angela Magana from the UFC roster

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Cyber bullying should not be tolerated period by the UFC .. Angela "Your Majesty" Magana has been poking at Cyborg Santos for a long time now and finally got what she deserved when confronted face to face by her at the Athletes Retreat last week. Now there are charges being laid against Cyborg and a possible looming jail sentence as a result of standing up against her bully. 
Yes, Cyborg is much bigger, stronger and probably smarter than Angela and there's little justification for her actions aside from being bullied and berated online repeatedly for the past couple of years. Put yourself in her shoes though for a moment and try to understand the frustration that can cause someone to lose focus in an instance of anger and how it resulted in Magana getting hit in the face. 
The fact Magana has gone out of her way to bully Cyborg (especially after this incident) should be a red flag.. She offers nothing to the UFC but a 5 loss streak and her bullying ethics. She's a toxic person and Santos may not have been in the right to hit her, but I don't think many MMA fans would disapprove of the way she handled things. She didn't beat Magana to a pulp, she merely hit her once and walked away. That shows restraint. 
Please UFC/ Dana White.. Pull her from the UFC roster so we don't have to see the UFC's reputation suffer as a result of her bullying ways. 

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