Permission for Dana Park Place to show BLM support & solidarity through signage.

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Dana Park Place condo association has demanded the removal of signage supporting the Black Lives Matter movement or I will expect penalty for breaking the signage rule. 

A rule regarding signage was established for the the Dana Park Place Handbook & implemented over a decade ago.

This is the technicality the Dana Park Place Association members are attempting to use in an effort to enforce the removal of any Black Lives Matter signs. 

They also said it was a “thing” last year that wouldn’t be acceptable in the new year. 

They said it could encourage people to hang other “things” and illicit bad “things”.  

They said what if people start posting hate signs?

They said they had to be indiscriminate if they wanted to ask for lights and other “things” to also be removed. 

They do not stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. 

I am asking for a show of support that this is not the collective way of thinking here at Dana Park Place and that we can do better than this. I am collecting signatures to change the systemic racism happening right here at Dana Park Place with complete lack of inclusion, diversity and solidarity.

Help me change the white silence that is taking place right at my front door please and show that while the few white members are on the board choose not to say Black Lives Matter or show it that the majority of the Dana Park Place community does not agree and wants change.

This is only a first step to end the systemic racism at Dana Park Place Condominiums in The City of Cambridge, MA.

Living and home-owning here is advertised via Cambridge Community Development, as an opportunity for Cambridge life long residents to be able to afford living in Cambridge and be a first time homebuyer.

However it has been everything Cambridge raised me to know is unacceptable and has been toxic to my quality of life for almost 13 years. I am & always been oppressed living here.

I am denied an opportunity on the Board and the ability to show and post Black Lives Matter.

I need your help with your signature please.

Thank you for your support of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Paulina Mauras

Dana Park Place 

Cambridge, MA