Free Josh Puckett

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Imagine you are a teenage boy of 15 and you lose your father to a battle with AIDS, and 6 months later both your mothers are shot by a homophobic next-door neighbor.

What would you do? You might do what Josh Puckett did, and find "family" in a gang. The gang gets involved in a drive-by shooting. Josh (18) is not in the car, but ends up in prison for life without parole for aiding and abetting.

Josh has served 24 years to date, and his family and friends are asking for clemency,mercy, and forgiveness from Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Josh Puckett has taken every class and educational opportunity available through the penal system. He has saved the prisons significant money by developing horticulture programs, and he is about to get his degree in business from Jackson Community College.

Josh continues to rise above the often abusive and dehumanizing atmosphere of many of the Michigan prisons in which he has served time. Under these toughest of conditions, he has been able to improve his skills in writing, grammar, math, horticulture, meditation, communication, self-care, and strategist thinking.

If you believe a hurting young man can make a horrible mistake and still become a man worth redeeming, then sign this petition. Josh deserves a second chance!

For more information on Josh, read his book MOURNING ATTIRE: A True Life Story of Hope, Loss and Everything In Between, and check out and for the story of how he lost his mothers.