Improved Teaching Methods and Fair Testing with HIST - 1028

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As a student body, we've reached an overall understanding that there is a ceiling set in place for all of us in terms of grading. As much as we love our professor, Guy Gibson, we are being taught in an unfair structure. Guy is passionate, funny and genuine - however in matters of teaching, our entire class is having trouble with his style of testing. The lecture period is scheduled for three hours, and the majority of this school year has been only using half of that time. We are being fed a large amount of heavy information all at once which can be confusing to absorb at times, considering we are only being read power points with no expansion on key points. We have weekly quizzes on the previous weeks lecture topic (i.e: Italian Renaissance) that consist of 10 questions and worth 10% per quiz. The reason the majority of the class is struggling here is being we will be taught 100 slides of heavy information within one lecture and then expected to pick and choose exactly which 10 question topics the professor will quiz us on using images that he doesn't post to our student website, FOL. How are we supposed to successfully study a large amount of information for such a tiny quiz? We believe that not only should we be supplied the proper notes (not just worded content), but the lectures should be summarized with an outline, and the tests be distributed evenly. Strong students in our class with 85% averages and above are struggling with these quizzes which is overall affected their GPA which is not fair. This is our last year, we deserve to graduate with the marks we work for.