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Appoint an Independent Commission to Investigate Trump/Russia Ties and effect on Election.

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The US House Intelligence Committee, promising a bi-partisan investigation into how Russia attacked the US Election, and as FBI Director Comey revealed in a hearing, that he was authorized to reveal an FBI investigation into Russian intrusions, including any potential ties with the Trump Campaign or collusion with Russia.

Committee Chair, Rep. Devin Nunes, who worked on the Trump Transition team, made clear by going straight to the White House on March 22nd to brief Trump on leaked documents that indicated "some surveillance", and then went to brief the Press before he followed long-standing procedure to consult with the Ranking and Other Members of this Classified information, can no longer be considered independent of the Executive Branch, and has violated his role as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, which is charged with Oversight of the Executive Branch, not collusion.

Senator John McCain and numerous Members of Congress and National Security Experts have called for an Independent Commission in the style of 9/11 or Watergate to investigate this sever threat to our democracy by foreign adversaries.

The Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has recused himself from the Trump investigation because he worked on the campaign, and misled Congress as to his meetings with the Russian Ambassador.

The person that can appoint an Independent Investigation is the Acting AG, currently Dana Boente because Senator Chuck Grassley is holding up the vote on Trump nominee Rod Rosenstein, who has served under many admirations in the US Justice Dept. and was appointed by President George W. Bush to US Attorney in Virginia. He was retained in that role by President Barack Obama.

Given the "Cloud over this Presidency", Chairman Nunes himself cited, it is  essential to immediately appoint and Independent Investigation. The Acting Director, Dana Boente can do that now. If Rod Rosenstein, who has had confirmation hearings, is voted in, he can also create an Independent Investigation. I have listed both names.

The American public deserves answers. The House Intel Committee hearing has alarmed the public that there is an ongoing FBI investigation into communications or collusion between Russians and the Trump campaign. This supersedes Party, and it's clear that partisanship and spin have comprised the US House Intelligence Committee and whatever Report that emerges will not provide confidence to the American people. One goal, acknowledged by the entire Intelligence Community was to undermine American confidence in its electoral process. In that he has succeeded, in this continuing chaos.

Since an Acting AG can appoint an Independent Commission, we need as many signatures from every District to ensure that our democracy is protected from future attacks, that FBI and NSA Director, said it very likely.

Please spread this Petition Widely and to both Parties to have our voices, as citizens and voters heard.

Nancy Skinner,

Host of Climate Talk Radio @ClimateTalker

Why I'm doing this:

The pro-Russian stance (where Oil provides 40% it's Economy) of the Trump administration and the cancellation of all Climate Change Funding, along with the appointment of Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon, which is under investigation by two state AG's for it's role in concealing knowledge on climate science for decades, and who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Friendship personally by Putin, create enormous suspicion that Trump is following Russian wishes to abandon Climate Change progress for short-term economic progress.

The world came together in 2015 in Paris and agreed to meet the challenge of limiting enough emissions to stabilize the average global warming at a still-dangerous 2 Degree Celsius increase. We are not on track to meet that objective, and with Trump eliminating all Climate Monitoring and Research, appointing key environmental antagonists to run crucial agencies, like EPA, DOE, Interior and more, and his advocacy to open protected lands to drill for more oil, even in an oil glut "oil bubble", would make it impossible to meet the Paris accord.

Abrupt Climate Change has begun. There is no time to waste. Even Republican Secretaries of State, George Schultz (under Reagan) and James Baker (Under Bush) met with Trump officials to advocate on Climate Action via a Carbon Tax and 100% Dividend that is returned to American people. Recently,13 Republican Members of Congress have submitted a Resolution that calls on Congress to act on the grave threat of Climate Change, that is affecting their own states, here and now.

It's not only about Party, it's about America, and it's not even just about America, but about the survival of all humanity if we ignore the scientific consensus and calls for immediate actions, which ironically will help the US and world to create new jobs in clean energy and technologies.  





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