Say No to Serco: NDIA Appoints Jailers for People with Disabilities

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Hi, my name is Byron Albury, President at Queensland Advocacy.   Like many people with disability, I'm outraged that the NDIA has awarded Serco  a two-year contract to operate NDIS call centres.

Serco runs prisons and 11 immigration detention centres, including Christmas Island.  It's building and will run Australia’s largest prison, near Grafton in New South Wales and already operates private prisons in Western Australia and Queensland.

It's the wrong fit, message and image for a revolutionary national program designed to uphold human rights, not restrict them.

Queensland Advocacy Inc is concerned that Serco, as a third-party provider, will not  uphold NDIS values and principles. Serco has no proven expertise in providing communication services for people with disability, yet they have been given the ‘frontline’ NDIS service.

Rather than out-source to for-profit multinationals, the NDIA needs to hire more staff including more people with disabilities, and communicate transparently.