Save Clemson University's Men's Track and XC Program

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Clemson University has officially cut the Men's Track and Field & Cross Country programs at the end of the 2020-21 season. This program is one of the campus's most diverse programs on a university that has been criticized for lacking diversity. Due to the university's success in athletes, it is believed the university has plenty of funding to support the program.

Students currently on scholarship will be given the opportunity to stay at Clemson without competing. Therefore, cutting the Men's Track and Cross Country programs will force some students to choose between continuing their educational opportunities or leaving to compete. Furthermore, it is stripping so many young adults of life experiences and a family bond. For many on this team, Clemson was a once in a lifetime opportunity to both continue they're education and compete. By cutting the program many will be forced to give up on one of their dreams of furthering their athletic career or pursuing a higher education degree from a prestigious university. 

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