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Aledo HS Dress Code Reform

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Due to recent uproar at Aledo High School about changes/enforcement of the dress code, students are fighting to make reasonable changes to the dress code. 

We propose that Item 1 on the dress code be changed to read: "The length of shorts, skirts and dresses must cover the entire buttock. This includes, but is not limited to, athletic shorts and wind shorts. NOTE: the entire hemline MUST extend past the buttock. Leggings and/or yoga style pants must be accompanied by shirts that cover the buttock. Form-fitting/skin tight dresses or skirts are not permitted.


Item 4 be changed to read: “Any shirt worn must have straps. Strapless shirts will be prohibited.”

While this is a hotly debated subject and many people have formed their own opinions, I encourage you to consider the following points before you make your decision:

  • Overly strict dress-code/dress-code enforcement allows for the disenfranchisement of young women by limiting their education and performance (ex. being taken out of class during a test to change)
  • Many school dress codes target young women, and because high school constructs our basic social standards, the implicit sexism is carried on into our adult lives.
  • Many families cannot afford to buy new clothes for a student(s) because old school clothes are no longer "appropriate."
  • Many athletic activities require a certain type of clothing that is not "school appropriate."
  • Certain types of clothing (ex. wind shorts) offer a level of comfort for young women that allows them to focus better in the classroom.
  • Height and weight differences make it more difficult for some students to comply with the current dress code
  • There is not a wide availability of "school-appropriate" clothing because of trends created by the fashion industry
  • A strict dress code is not vital to classroom learning. (However, there should certainly be a dress code.)

In order to cause real change, we, the students/parents/faculty of Aledo HS/ISD, must stand together. 

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