Urge Subaru to Save the Historic Beard Family Farm from Demolition

Urge Subaru to Save the Historic Beard Family Farm from Demolition

April 21, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Gwen Bruno

As a Milford, CT homeowner and member of a multi-Subaru family, I am reaching out to ask your support in helping Dan Perkins Subaru and Subaru of New England honor and preserve Milford’s built history.  I understand and support Dan Perkins Subaru’s need to expand but do you know this expansion will bulldoze a historic family farm in the process? I didn’t until very recently. In researching, I found this article:


Among the parcels listed in this article, 97 Washington Street, is the ancestral home of the Beard Family. The family home still stands – a well-kept c.1840 Greek Revival Farmhouse and three equally historic barns. The Beard family has been here since the 1600’s – occupying the land granted to them by King Charles of England in1639. The current home sits on the foundation of an earlier home that burned. Originally farmers, the Beards branched out into construction and started the Beard Concrete Company building their offices beyond their barns, on 127 Post Road.  Here’s more information including the obituary of a leading Beard patriarch:

> http://gis.vgsi.com/milfordct/Parcel.aspx?Pid=10763

> https://patch.com/connecticut/milford/obituary-robert-davis-beard-age-95

This is the ancestral home of one of Milford’s founding families. To lose it to a parking lot and car dealership is unthinkable. This is our built history. It can and should be incorporated into the expansion design. If you are not already aware of this situation, I hope you will consider pursuing every option available to preserve this precious piece of Milford's history. I am already speaking with Dave Osborne/Dan Perkins Subaru, who supports good community relations and involvement and the preservation of a barn. The barns and farmhouse can and should be preserved and serve as offices, storage, waiting areas and more.  A quintessential family farm incorporated into a quintessential New England Subaru dealer by New England Subaru; a perfect combination!

New England Subaru and Dan Perkins Subaru recognition of the importance of this property, and commitment to saving this farm and honoring local history, touches on each tenant of the Subaru Love Promise:

Subaru Loves the Earth – There is no greener building than one that is kept out of a landfill. By re-purposing these buildings, Subaru proves they love the earth. Demolishing these buildings will drive thousands of cubic yards of demo debris to a landfill. How much?  I can work up estimates using FEMA calculations and share them with you.

Subaru Loves to Care –  About what it means to the residents of Milford (who have commented on various Facebook pages). What it means to the remaining Beard family, most of whom are distraught over the loss of their home.

Subaru Loves to Help - I found out about Subaru’s plans when I picked up auction winnings on site. A Beard family member handed them to me, with tears in her eyes and explained one of the braided rugs was made by a family member in the 19th century and asked me to take good care of them. I met a gentleman who lived at the house his entire life, except the last two years, and came to visit one last time. I can’t say why the executor chose this path, but you can make it right.

Subaru Loves Learning – I don’t believe you knew about this vital Milford history, but now you do.  You also know about the environmental impact of demolishing this farm and a family’s anguish. And that FEMA calculation estimate offer still stands. We can easily replicate today’s buildings but we can’t replace the woods and handwork that went into building these historic structures.

Subaru Loves Pets – On my last visit to the farm, I saw family cats frolicking in the grass, darting in and out of the barns. And as soon as Mr. Beard called, they came running for supper. The furry, canine Beard family members will suffer as well.

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Signatures: 766Next Goal: 1,000
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