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Investigate and Prosecute Horse Tripping/Horse Roping

Horse Tripping/Horse Roping is not a sport! It is torture inflicted upon terrorized horses in the name of entertainment and machismo. Horse Tripping has been banned in Malheur County and yet citizens as well as those sworn to uphold the law have ignored this ban while harrassing and arresting those who are trying to protect the horses. Senator Mark Hass (D) of Beaverton, OR has introduced Bill #835 to end this cruelty. It has yet to pass. People caught promoting or competing in Horse Tripping should face animal cruelty charges as well as the livestock companies or private owners who provide the horses. Horse Tripping for competition whether on public or private property should be criminalized and prosecuted.

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  • District Attorney of Malheur County, Oregon
    Dan Norris

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