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"The War on Drugs was an Utter Failure" - Lets stop reviving it!

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The War on Drugs has been an utter failure, so why are we trying to revive it??

With the violent crime and tragic drug overdoses that are happening right in our own backyard of Baltimore City, Attorney General Jeff Sessions believes that the best solution is to revive an old War on Drugs, and impose more mandatory minimums on non-violent drug offenders.

With brief history, in the 1930's Harry Anslinger started to wage relentless warfare on drugs and those who used them.  Instead of treating those with a drug addiction, treating their trauma, and creating a connection, he criminalized them, sent them to prison, and created a life full of vicious cycles, continued drug use, and increased violence.

Years later, we are still sending non-violent drug offenders to jail and prison based on mandatory minimums.  With this, they are losing basic human rights - such as the right to vote, get a job, or to get into affordable housing.  Coming back into the world a "free person," loses all meaning.

However, instead of increasing law enforcement, making harsher penalties, and creating a hostile culture toward drug use, Congress should adopt health-based solutions.  There should be more education towards harm prevention methods such as Naloxone, more of the budget going towards treatment centers and addiction counselling, and more research going toward ACE scores, childhood trauma, and the correlations towards drug use.

With this petition, I hope to get a voice heard, stating that the War on Drugs should not be revived, and other measures should be taken.  We are already living in a state of anarchy with the tragedies - involving overdose, addiction and violence - that Harry Anslinger's war brought.  Why don't we finally have our voices heard, and destroy this anarchy.  Lets treat those with addiction instead of criminalizing them.  Lets help those involved with drugs instead of knocking them down time and time again.  Lets make small steps to educate others on the downfalls that Jeff Sessions War on Drugs has.  Lets let our legislatures know that this is where we stand on this War on Drugs, and we will continue to educate and communicate.  Lets start where we stand.

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