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Objection to the proposed development of Penhale army camp into housing and commercial use

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I write in connection with the above planning application. I have a good knowledge of the existing site and I wish to object strongly to the development in this location.

I am disappointed to see such a vast proposed development on and next to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

 I would like to draw attention to the planning at another existing and local development PA15/06299. The planning application was originally objected. This current application has been objected to extensively and a petition of some 2500 signatures submitted. The locality of this site and the general feelings of the local population are also applicable to this site.

The site was acquired by the government or MOD and developed for the MOD in 1939 in a time of war in extreme circumstances. This site would now under no circumstances be ever be given planning application. If it had not been developed it would now be included in the dunes Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and currently lies right in the middle of this conservation area as detailed

Should this site not now be returned to its original purpose.


Appendix 10.3

Biodiversity Mitigation and Management Strategy states the following;


“Kelsey Head SSSI is located within 100m of the site and may suffer impacts from construction pollution and additional visitors during operation. “

** Therefore this will also suffer impacts from additional population after construction


Penhale Dunes SAC

the proposed development has the potential to impact the surrounding SAC in the following ways:

- Air quality/emissions;

- Water quality/drainage/hydrology;

- Increased pressure/disturbance.


The plan also does not put forward a solid mitigation strategy for after construction and inhabited phase. Simiply segregating such a large population from the immediate area such as through fencing is not an adequate or long lasting strategy. To note the private fields at the top of St Georges Hill in Perranporth have had the gates broken, upon reinstatement part of the hedge was removed to access as well.


Due to the sites proximity as detailed above what will the added access and additional impact be on this site and the wider conservation area.


The existing units can be seen from a number of public views (including public footpaths and bridleways). The proposed development would be even more obvious. These "homes" would detrimentally affect this area by the gross infilling of a green space previously and have a huge visual impact on the surrounding area.


Access & Highways

The narrow minor road to Holywell Bay is busy all year round and in particular the summer months, and the proposed access on the site is not only dangerous but would increase traffic significantly.


Residential Amenity

There would be a significant increase of sewage production on the site. There are concerns that contamination may reach a nearby water course, ultimately discharging at Holywell Bay. The development would put pressure on local amenities including sewerage and waste collection.



With the scale of the site increasing significantly, associated noise would obviously have an impact on this previously tranquil location.

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