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Spare Buddah the dog's life

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Buddah's family is fighting for his life. He has been impounded in HSPPR's pound since mid-July (Colorado Springs). On July 7, 2014, Buddah's family (including their little girls), were walking Buddah and his fur sister Chleo on leash around their complex. An older lady was walking her toy breed dog without a leash. The Payne's stayed far back to keep out of harm's way. After they turned a corner, they came upon the woman's unit, and the woman's dog (still off leash), came running up to the family barking and in an apparent attitude of attack. Buddah and Chleo, still on leash and on the sidewalk of the complex, reacted to the smaller dog running at them, got in an altercation and unfortunately killed it. The Paynes have offered to pay the woman's vet bills, but that is not enough for the DA, who wants Buddah to be killed because he's a "pit bull". Chleo was already killed because the Paynes could only afford to pay $600 per month for impoundment (couldn't pay $1200).

To compound the tragedy, El Paso County has been holding Buddah in solitary confinement and no one has been able to see him for months (with the exception of his attorney and an animal behaviorist who conducted an assessment on 11/23 showing he is not a dangeous dog). The DA wants to kill Buddah, even though he was on leash and the smaller dog was not and approached the Payne family agressively. This is not fair. We are trying to save Buddah's life. Buddah's dad is a veteran of the Iraq War and now a MMA fighter. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and two beautiful little girls. Buddah is their family pet who has been unfairly targeted for death because of his breed. His sister was already killed. We don't want him to die too. 

Case Number 14M4265, El Paso County Court, Colorado Springs Colorado.  4th Judicial District Attorneys' Office 105 E. Vermijo, Colorado Springs, Colorado (719) 520-6000, misdemeanor prosecution (719) 520-6115

*Petition started 12/6/14

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