Declare a Climate Emergency in the City of Stratford!

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97% of scientists agree; the climate crisis represents a catastrophic threat to the lives of billions around the world. As the youth of Stratford, we are calling upon the city to protect our future by declaring a climate emergency.

Our Demands:

  1. Have the city of Stratford declare a climate emergency.
  2. Create a municipal climate adaptation strategy, ensuring Stratford meets the goals under the Paris Accord and is prepared to mitigate the severe effects of Climate Change.


Why a state of emergency?

Declaring a state of emergency is a critical step in ensuring continued local climate action, holding our leaders accountable. It is not unprecedented, several other cities in Canada have declared a state of emergency. It also sends a message to our provincial and federal politicians that Stratford takes the climate crisis seriously and will not back down in demanding action.

Bruh that's not realistic

Yes it is! Many other municipalities have done so:

Climate what?

Check out this great video with everyone's favorite science guy:

Hahah that global warming thing isn't a real emergency

Yes it is! A recent report from some of the most well-respected climate scientists in the world has stated that we have only 12 years to take significant action to stop the climate crisis, which will literally destroy the planet if we do nothing.