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Legalize Marijuana for Recreational use at the Federal level

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My state is deeply in debt and I believe one way to help rectify the situation is by legalization of recreational marijuana as well as medicinal marijuana. In Colorado, where recreational use is allowed it has became a key cornerstone of their economy and roughly 50% of Americans are in favor of this bill. Last year alone Colorado collected 105 million from marijuana tax revenues which is being put back into the community. I live in Illinois and although this would not fix our massive debt, with cutbacks from Gov. Rauener  it would start to make positive change for once. In addition, Marijuana legalization has positive effects on crime and it saves more money by not incarcerating people for marijuana usage. This umber is near 26 billion national tax dollars saved by not considering marijuana use a crime. In  2015 Marijuana created 14,000 jobs in Colorado and the industry continues to grow annually creating more jobs. Health wise Marijuana is no worse for you than Alcohol or Tobacco products and it does show signs of being able to help with certain diseases. Conclusively, Marijuana should be legalized and every second you do not sign my petition money is being put to waste. Please help support my cause and help my state and your country gain a new major source of industry for those ages 21 and older.

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