Petition Update

We've just reached 1,500 signatures!

Michael Westerfield
Willimantic, CT

Mar 18, 2013 — One thing that has become apparent from many of the “reasons for signing” the petition is that a great many people have no idea that crow hunting is allowed in the state where they live. In actuality, crow hunting is allowed in every state except Hawaii, where the only crows are the ‘alala, one of the world’s most endangered birds. No one knows how many crow hunters there are or how many crows they kill, since few if any records are kept. To get some idea of the scope of the problem, just do a web search on “Crow Hunting” and you will quickly come upon images and stories that will shock and horrify you. It is common to see pictures posted of hunters with the number of crows they have just killed written with the bodies of their victims, and to find men who boast of killing tens of thousands of crows in their hunting lives.
Please send the link to the petition on to your email contacts and post it on your facebook pages and other social media. Every signature will help save crows