Dan Andrews, speak up against anti-refugee cruelty in Victoria.

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Dear Premier Daniel Andrews

The 65 refugees in the Park Hotel need your urgent support. Some of them are suicidal. Many of them are mentally and physically damaged by the harsh living conditions in Manus and Nauru. It is a shame that what they are going through has made Victoria a hell to these men. Why have you chosen to be silent, when in 2016 you offered to take full responsibility for these vulnerable people to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull?

Mr. Andrews, it is time to speak up and support these men. Our Victoria is too beautiful to be a place of torture for these innocent people. They are skilled, hardworking people, there are musicians, writers, poets among them. They are willing to contribute to our society. Eight years is too long to be living in limbo. Speak up, Mr. Andrews.

We demand you extend your offer of responsibility to support all of the Medevac refugees. The fundamental human rights are being ignored for these men. We can not let this happen any longer, and we need your immediate support. You can not stand by and allow this to happen in your state. Melbourne city proudly claims to be a refugee-friendly city - please act accordingly.