Close hair and beauty salons to protect workers !

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With stage I lockdowns in Victoria commencing Tuesday 24th of March, it is a huge disappointment to see non-essential services such as hairdressing and beauty and clothing retail remaining open. 

As a hairdresser I can space out my clients to help them abide by the 1.5m social distancing to avoid clients transmitting COVID-19 to each other, but as a hairdresser I am unable to protect myself or my family COVID-19 can be transmitted to me just by touching a clients hair. With a 9 month old medically complex son at home this leaves me in a terrifying position where if I choose to self isolate during this time I will be ineligible for financial assistance. 

Hair and beauty professionals and our families matter just as much as anybody else's. The government has bailed out large corporations time and time again and this time they need to help workers and small businesses and not force us to put ourselves and our families in harms way just to keep a roof over our heads.