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Stop celebrity boxing match with Zimmerman.

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Explain why this petition is important here. It's not rocket science. For the sake of entertainment, under the guise of charity, George Zimmerman has successfully trolled his way into the celebrity boxing ring. His claim, "boxing has always been a hobby, even before the incident". Just in case you live under a rock, Zimmerman shot and killed a young man, Trayvon Martin, and got away with it. Zimmerman claims to have skill in boxing and ufc fighting, but needed to pull out a gun to defend himself in a fight with a teenager half his size. I'll leave you to simply Google all of the legal troubles both Zimmerman and DMX have experienced. This fight is a mockery of Trayvon Martin's life, his family, and the entire country in my opinion. It also proves the point that somewhere, whoever spins the globe, it is their goal to perpetuate a racial division among the people in this nation. For those of us evolved enough to see this for the bull that it is, we do not want to see Zimmerman or DMX make a fool of themselves. DMX is not the representative for the African American community. We are not secretly hoping that the black man avenges Trayvon's murder. We do not want Zimmerman to have the satisfaction to think he is a celebrity and that people are celebrating him. We do not care about you. You are a murderer, still seeking violence by way of television entertainment. You are a liar, still lying. You are a wanna be. If you want to raise money for charity have a bake sale. Damon Feldman @hollywoodbox11, get your life! Call it off. It's a joke and a bad idea.

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