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Discontinue George Zimmerman Boxing Match

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 Any person that supports this event, this means ordering it on pay per view and or discussing excitement about the event, is slapping Trayvon Martin in the face and furthering the deferment of the success of African Americans in this dystopian society. The promotion of this event by any race should be frowned upon due to the fact that it is promoting the social, moral, and economic enslavement of any group of oppressed persons.  We are going to create a profit for the mockery of the death of an innocent African American teenaged boy? And, might I add, I believe we are misled to believe that whomever it is that would fight  Zimmerman would be claiming some sort of "street justice", but in the end it will all be just business. Soon George Zimmerman will be getting called for guest appearances while the vicarious victims of his crime, The Martin Family, weep at the thought of the loss. The murderer of their child is to star in a "celebrity" boxing match? George Zimmerman is not a celebrity, he is a murderer.I am starting this petition because I do not want to witness the mockery of my race, or the pain of the Martin Family. Please support this petition if you obtain any interest in preserving civil rights and racial dignity.



 *George Zimmerman is to be compensated if this fight goes into play. Smiling in the image attached, he clearly obtains no remorse.

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