Hemp is banned from being used in Agriculture costing farmers billions if only they knew!

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One of The oldest human domesticated crops for farmers was hemp. Well it’s back worth billions and you can’t have it! Because the other Pharma has almost got it without you knowing.

Back in 1937 industry competitors banned hemp as a drug and took it out of agriculture and competition to oil and gas, this removed it from our animals and therefore our food chain.

They took food to the factory to replicate and reinvent it to last longer on our shelves with added additives. 

iHemp can in no way be used as a drug or get you high due to minimal to zero THC content, yet advice to licence holders from the Ministry of Health is to turn the 1 Ton of valuable biomass from each Ha of industrial Hemp planted, back into the soil.

They are not the best at economics folks as they threw away $24 million dollars for our rural communities farmers and agricultural sector last year that’s already struggling. How do I get to 24 million usd you ask? 

If 3% of that 200ton biomass was CBD that = 6000 kg the wholesale price for cbd around the world was $4000usd per kg. You do the math 

Direction to turn it back into the soil is in direct defiance of the ACVMA which prohibits 1 molecule of a controlled drug in the environment of food producing plants and animals.basically most farms in NZ.

The Agricultural compounds and Vet Medicines act prohibits ihemp and ihemp products from being used in agriculture stating GRAS exemptions do not count even for hemp protein and iHemp regulations offer no exemption from prosecution.

This means you can go to the supermarket buy hemp seed oil, hemp protein, and Hemp seed foods all containing controlled drugs at some level including Thc and cbd feed it to your toddler but not your dog or cat or horse.? 

As farmers around the world cash in on Hemp and the world looks to legalise marijuana government departments in NZ scramble to protect the big business that pays the wages over the health and wealth of the people of NZ.

It’s a clear conflict of interest to have those funded by Pharma in control of honestly regulating hemp or for that matter cannabis of any sort as most pharmacological preparations try to synthetically mimic or target the same receptors and cannabis’s effectiveness, so to truely benefit the people of Aotearoa and not Pharma who fund our government department medicines control and ministry of health cannabis needs it own independent arm of MPI.

90 % of Health professionals surveyed agreed cannabinoids are vital for human health and should be found in your diet not in a dispensary.  

Director General of MPI we The people who sign this petition ask you to review MPI and MOH staff policy and regulatory oversights regarding Industrial hemp legislation, setting up a independent body to govern cannabis and hemp together yet clearly for separate uses via MoDA definitions and ensure the billions of $ in revenue serves us the New Zealand People not offshore corps who dodge tax.