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stop the government classing state pensions as "benefits"

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Listening to my local radio phone in, I was shocked to learn from the number of pensioners calling the host,complaining that state pensions are classed as a benefit! The people who called, asked why their pensions are classed as a benefit. As they pointed out, in most cases they have paid into the pension system for 40 plus years.

According to Wikpedia, "A pension is a fund into which a sum of money is added during an employee's employment years.From which payments are drawn to support the persons retirement from work, in the form of periodic payments".

As opposed to the dictionary definition of the word benefit; "an advantage or profit gained from something".

The DWP paid out in 2015/16, 171 billion pounds, of which 90 billion was in the form of pension payments. These payments to which the goverment have already recieved the money for, are being classed as part of the benefits system, and fooling the public into believing that the money is coming from the public purse. As well as telling the taxpayer the cost is rising year upon year, because more people are reaching retirement age,they do not inform the public more money is being added to the goverments "pot"

The pensioners deserve to have their pension not classed as a "benefit" but as what it should be a "pension"

This petition is to get the government to remove the cost of pensions from the benefits system and stop the classification "pensions benefit". They deserve a better definition as to what they have paid into all their life, other than being classed as recieving benefits! 



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