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Cancel your show and boycott apartheid in Israel

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The simple act of playing a concert in Israel is unfortunately by its nature a political action. By not cancelling the show you by default legitimize military occupation, systematic colonization, and racial supremacy, in what is supposed to be a holy land. The signatories of this petition urge you to refrain from playing in Israel and not to condone Israel’s violations of international law and human rights; not only against Palestinians, but also against other minority groups including the Ethiopian community.

The most recent bombing campaign in Gaza left over 2200 Palestinian civilians dead, over 550 of them children. At this moment in Tel Aviv, the city in which you will hold your concert, Ethiopian Jews and African migrants are being brutally repressed, beaten and imprisoned for protesting poor living conditions, police brutality and forced sterilization of Ethiopian women in Israel. At the Saharonim Prison in the Negev desert there are over 2500 African migrants who sought asylum in Israel but are now living in concentration camps, and are being denied basic living rights as well as legal representation.

As a musician of conscience, who opposes apartheid in South Africa, who opposes all oppression; especially that of Africans, your standard of morality is much higher than the average musician. Lauryn Hill in recent days has cancelled her concert in Israel and has taken steps to learn about the history and oppression of Palestinians and other groups in the region. We implore you to do the same; stand with the victims, stand with the oppressed, from Ethiopians to Palestinians and most importantly stand by your word.

While you might fear disappointing some fans, by cancelling and clearing the confusion you have caused you will in reality put faith back into your fans across the globe. You have an opportunity to establish yourself as a musician who backs up their words with actions, so heed this call and restore your principles as a Rastaman.

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