Bring Back Waterloo Road Reunited

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We are a group of friends on Twitter brought together by our love of the TV show Waterloo Road. Waterloo Road sadly ended 9th March 2015 after 10 amazing series. 

But how great would it be for us too see what has happened to the students and teachers from series 10 and previous series have got up too after Waterloo Road - 

Did Kenzie & Scotts relationship last?

Did Justin stay out of trouble?

Did Leo get the help he needed? 

Did Mr Braxton and Mr D'Olivera pass their course? 

We petition too BBC Three too make an online four or five part series looking at what has happened to our much loved pupils and teachers of Waterloo Road. What better time with the makeover to the YouTube channel? 



Thank you

Amy Wright & Team Max and Team WaterlooRoad