Take The Stress Out Of Studying

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There is an increase in awareness about young people's and students' mental health. But we need more than just awareness. We need direct action and to address the reasons and causes behind this mental health crisis and the ultimate solution to it.

This campaign notes: 1. 27% of university students report experiencing mental health problems, with higher rates among women and LGBT+ students 2. Staff in schools, colleges and universities also face stress, with ever-rising workload, stretched resources, inspections and job insecurity 3. Students can become unwell due to exam pressure, bullying, rigidity of the curriculum, financial hardship and cuts in Special Education Needs support 4. Depression and anxiety among teenagers has risen by 70% in the last 25 years 5. Suicide rates have risen among school students, university students, school teachers and staff. 

This campaign demands: Reverse academisation! So that the ideal education system would be centred on students' learning rather than passing the next exam and submitting to school authorities. Ofsted will cease to implement inspections, as they cause high stress to education staff and teachers. Reverse the Tories' imposition of exams as the near-exclusive means of assessing students; instead, flexible assessment methods and non-compulsory examinations! Reverse all cuts in all factors of education, and ensure that there are well-run support services for students and education workers! Schools will be democratic, properly educative and attentive to the individual attention that students and staff require instead of being built around petty discipline, curriculum rigidity, and ever-rising workload. Students under the new education system will have the encouragement of debating and political education at school. 

These demands will be carried out in concurrent steps: 1. Confer with students (and their parents) about what factors of our education system are causing them distress, overload and low self-esteem, and what solutions they would endorse 2. Unite students, workers, parents, trade unions and the rest of the labour movement to draw up and mobilise for demands to end cuts, reduce distress, improve mental health and improve education 3. Deliver this campaign to the Labour Party so that it would endorse this movement to Take The Stress Out Of Studying 4. Support (and/or join) movements for an end to student debt, free education and Living Grants For All; e.g. the NSS Boycott 5. Above all else, carry out these demands by taxing the rich and redistributing wealth

I hope you help us as it affects the success of not only our generation but also the generations to come. Thank you for your time, and Solidarity to you all

This campaign goes to: Department for Education | Labour Party

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