LGBT+ History to be taught in schools.

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In schools Black History is taught and Black History Month celebrated, and so it should be. Every groups struggles should be recognized and celebrated, this includes the LGBT+ community. My whole time throughout school I was never once taught about the history or struggle of the LGBT+ people. The Stonewall Riots, the legislation's against LGBT+ peoples and the slow but steady forceful fight for same-sex marriage to be legalized globally.

Even on the topic of sex education, you are never taught how to have sex with the same sex and the dangers about it when protection is not used, yet heterosexual sex education is taught and children are told ways to prevent the spread of diseases, STI's and so on..

Ever since I came out in 2011 I was never once told when LGBT+ history month was, let alone anyone else celebrate or talk about it. Schools wonder why the bullying rate towards LGBT+ students is so high along with the suicide rates. This is because people are not educated on it or the people who belong to it. I did not have a clue what a gay or lesbian was let alone a transgender person. This lack of knowledge is a MASSIVE contribution to the ignorance of others. 

I personally think this would have a massive impact on my community and give the people in my community some sort of hope that future generations will come to just accept the LGBT+ community and the people within it. 

So many cultures and other peoples are celebrated throughout the year but the LGBT+ history month (which is in February by the way) is not taught to children in schools across the UK. 

For me this is a very important issue and could tackle a lot of the ignorance of teenagers and attacks on the LGBT+ community in the future, and hopefully start to educate future presidents and prime ministers to eradicate this ignorance all over the world. 

Thank you. 

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