Have a pullout policy for pupils doing there GCSE's to stop doing mandatory PE

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There should be a pullout policy because GCSE are some of the most stressful times in secondary school and PE is not always for everyone. Your GCSE decide what you do post 16 and there should be more time to help young people do well in there GCSE. If we win so many young people will be helped because the young people can take more time to revise and do more studies. 

Here is a quote from a Year 11 student. "I love this petition because some year 11s may have a mental illness such as anxiety or depression that group activities such as PE can affect badly. For example, I have anxiety so group activities with people watching me trigger it making PE a hard time. But year 11s are already stressed with exams so if PE is making it worse why should they be forced to take it when they can use their time for a better activity like more revision times." Sally-UK