Mental Health Education in Schools.

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In the UK, there is still a major lack of mental health education throughout primary schools and secondary schools. I personally have had little to no education about how important mental health is, and on topics such as mental illnesses or disorders. I believe educating children and teens on the topic of mental illness, disorders and wellbeing will make it a considerable amount easier for younger people / adolescents to be able to speak out about what they are going through without the fear of being judged by their peers and without the fear of being misunderstood. There is a major lack of understanding of the importance of mental health in children and teens, most only putting issues down to being somewhat sad or anxious, thus belittling how serious some mental health disorders can be. Topics such as mental health and suicide prevention are often brushed off and avoided in schools, and I thoroughly believe it should be a normalised area of education exactly the same as physical health is due to the fact your mental health can have a considerable amount of damage on not only how you work and behave, but also on your physical health itself. Mental health education should ideally be taught to every child so they understand the importance of keeping themselves healthy and happy, the same way they would be taught to with physical health. 

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