Children are the future. Invest in their education.

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We are calling on Government to properly fund all education including Primary, Secondary, and Further Education. Funding for schools in the UK is at a crisis point. We need action now.

There is less money in real terms than ever before and the Government isn't listening. 

  • Teaching assistants are being made redundant meaning less adults in the classroom helping children learn.
  • Subjects such as music, languages and sport are being cut.
  • School buildings are falling into disrepair because there is no money left in the annual budget.
  • Schools are asking parents for donations just to buy pens and pencils.
  • Schools are hiring less qualified teachers to save money.

This isn't an isolated case; schools all over the UK are, or soon will be, in financial difficulties. We need to act now before this irreparably impacts your children's education.

Please sign this petition now and share with your friends, family and colleagues. There is a comprehensive spending review this September 2019 - we need to act soon to make sure our voices are heard.



Some more information for you;

The Government says that they has increased funding to schools (which technically is true), but what has not been taken into consideration is the increased costs to run a school (schools are seeing their staff costs rise up to 40 times faster than their funding increase, fuel bills rising by nearly 50% etc). 

We're in the process of unearthing more case studies, but one school had an increased budget of £3700 for the year, but increased outgoing costs of £125,000!  You do the maths! This is real and happening across the country. Sign the petition now, before it's too late. 


What else can you do?

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Tweet, message or write to your local MP about you concerns.