Allow 'open book' exams for GCSE English literature

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GCSEs are a very nerve-racking stage for year 11 students, having to revise 6 or more subjects. English literature is an understanding of playwrights and novels from the past, but this is what many people find absurd. Students are expected to remember the 4 studied literature books + the poems off by heart (without any books to help them). The British government has turned this into a 'how much you can remember' test, instead of how you can apply your learning into the exam.

Why can't students just analyse what they've learned and apply that into their exam? Is there a reason why they have to remember it off by heart?!? Is this seriously what the new GCSEs have come to? This is going to stress a lot of kids out, because not everyone has a long-term memory, like what the government wants. British kids are among the unhappiest in Europe, and this can't be a solution to prevent that! I'm a year 11 student about to take my exams, year groups in the past have had 'open book exams', but with these new GCSEs, what are the government trying to achieve with this? It's only going to minimise the top grades, not to confuse employers as well.