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Real Punishments for Persistent Child Support Avoiders

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I am sick and tired of certain people that claim to be 'parents' continually doing everything possible to avoid paying child support for their own child, purposely quitting a job, being self employed and not paying themselves a wage, claiming benefits to pay the minimum.  They have all the rights whilst no responsibilities, leaving it to the Resident Parent to bear the sole financial responsibility of raising a child/children. Courts claim they are two separate issues, so again they are further allowed to get away with it.

My ex partner has been manipulating the service for nearly two years, which is nothing compared to other stories I have heard, some going on for decades. Having built up arrears due to non payment, he then purposefully quit his job once his earnings were deducted to avoid paying any money for his own child, whilst abusing me for 'forcing' him to quit his job and not allowing him to work, in his part time role.  He was then immediately able to sign on and receive benefits, despite quitting his job and never having paid tax for the majority of his adult life. The Child Maintenance Service have been useless to the say least, all talk with no powers. You are told, they can put non paying parents in prison, take them to court, take their driving licences away, yet it never ever seems to happen.  These non paying parents are given chance after chance and yet still continually get away with it.  The system is a flawed. Plus it is hardly the actions of a loving and decent parent.

This MUST ALL stop and things MUST change for the parents struggling to pay their bills, keep a roof over their child, pay for childcare whilst they work, whilst the other parent has fancy holidays, cars, clothes. 

You don't pay support your child, you deal with immediate Consequences

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