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Stop paying obstructive mothers

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Separation is not something many people take lightly, and at times it can cause a lot of pain and hurt for all concerned. This is even more so the case when children are concerned.

Having separated from the mother of my child prior to her birth, I have always maintained regular contact with her and tried to be involved in my daughters life. My ex doesn't quite see it this way and does as much as possible to limit my involvement or knowledge of anything to do with my daughter. For these reasons I have taken her to court for child arrangement orders. I also requested a DNA test to confirm that my daughter is in fact mine, as she deliberately with held the birth from me and excluded me from the birth certificate. My ex has also caused endless hurt to my family members by excluding them from having any contact with my daughter as well.

Only once the DNA test had proven that my daughter was mine did my ex contact child maintenance. She refused my offer to provide clothing, nappies and essentials to support my child. She also continues to be as difficult as possible when it comes to allowing contact, and I still have no parental rights as she refuses to sign the form to grant me these.

I ask that Mr Damian Green MP reviews the ability for mothers to claim child maintenance when they are being obstructive in allowing fathers to have a relationship with their child. It seems that I am doing everything possible as most mothers would want a father to do, and I am being made to pay maintenance when I have taken my ex to court to be involved in, and play a major part of, my daughter's life, yet get very little in return for this. I do not see how mothers can claim as many benefits as they are entitled too, plus maintenance as an extra income which is disregarded, and then be allowed to prevent the father from having involvement. Where fathers aren't interested then I agree, parents should equally support their child, but when a father takes a mother to court for contact and wants to be involved, the current child maintenance policy really needs to be reviewed.

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