Save the innocent Pangolins

Save the innocent Pangolins

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John Mangan
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Hi, we are cousins, Sohana and Jia (aged 11 and 10) and we love Pangolins. We are a BIG fan of WWF and National Geographic. We were very upset when we were watching National Geographic and our heart’s ached in sadness looking at the amount of pangolins which have been killed. What inspired us is that we want human’s in the future to have the same chance we have at seeing what beautiful and full of secrets wildlife we have.

The poor unfortunate souls, are mostly found in Asia and Africa. They are solitary animal and mostly come out at night. They usually stay on the ground but some species prefer to climb trees. Read more We have found out through thorough research that, in china and many more countries they use it for medicine but, they have no medicinal value so that means they are wasted. We don’t know where they come from what they’ve ate and many more so they could have diseases and many deadly viruses in them, due to consequence’s you can get ill or pass away.

Over 2.7 million Pangolins every year and we think that they should be able to have a chance. Dame Barbara Woodward the British ambassador to China hasn’t made a speech   or made any awareness about it. We thank all the people who are against the harassment to them innocent souls. Pangolin boots are a thing! Which is very upsetting some people just want the money.

We need to respect our wildlife. Let’s put ourselves in the pangolins shoes well they have a family some have kids mums dads and everything. How would you feel if you lost your friends or family? Because that’s how pangolins would feel. What we don’t respect or understand is that they look and act different but they have the same personality importance as we have.

This is why we would love if you signed our petition it would be your good deed for 2020!! Also if this petition goes far we may be able to stop this harassment someday and you will feel proud that you’ve have helped the innocent lived of pangolins.

Teamwork makes our Dream work!