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Stop the neglect suffered by dogs in your care.

You would think that once a dog was in a government run & funded shelter that they would be safe, medically treated, neutered/spayed and cared for, yeah? Not in Dalyan's Animal Sanctuary. Instead they are left to fend for themselves, reproduce, become ill and untreated and underfed.
This local council is allowing the cruelty to continue despite Turkish law stating that every animal has a lawful right to humanity, compassion, kindness and to be given basic rights such as food and water.
The shelter is away from the beautiful, idyllic turtle beaches that millions of tourists visit each year and is rarely seen by those visiting. While tourists watch turtles on the beach and enjoy the amazing turkish hospitality these dogs are being left to suffer without anyone to speak for them.
Volunteers are shunned by the shelter and the vet is (allegedly) unable to provide adequate medical attention to them, reluctant to spay/neuter to prevent over population - contrary to their capture/neuter/return policy.
Turkey has made vast improvements in their animal welfare attitudes and policies in recent years but some areas are reluctant to implement this. Dalyan Belediye is one such area.
We recently found a poor dog close to death in the "shelter" with no attempts to medicate her, ease her suffering or save her life.

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