Davidson is a Good Teacher

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On February 28, a teacher named Mr. Davidson attempted suicide inside of his vacant classroom at Dalton High School. Afterwards, many people have been using this event for political purposes or to slander Mr. Davidson.

We the former and current students believe that while Mr. Davidson is ultimately wrong for bringing and firing the gun in school, that he does not deserve the negative media and criticism that he's received. Despite his action today, he had no intention to harm anybody other than himself and went out of his way to make sure no one was involved. We don't know what event might have triggered his potential suicide attempt, but from his students who knew him and have been helped by him,

"Mr. Davidson is a good man. He is a great teacher. He does so much for his students and only seeks to benefit them. He is one of our favorite teachers. He never had any intention to hurt anyone and should not be placed on the same level as other school shooters. We love Mr. Davidson and hope that he gets the mental help he needs and that things will soon go back to normal for him."

While we know that we won't be able to pardon the criminal charges he's going to face, we hope that the community will forgive him and leave his name out of the political mess in America. Leave Mr. Davidson's name and reputation out of this. He's in a dark place and needs our support, not threats or hate.


Your supposed frightened, panicked, and scared children who love their teachers. 

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