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have the Dallas VA pay for consultations and treatments for Joshua Franks


My younger brother, at only the age of 28 has an inoperable brain tumor. he was told on Monday Feb 27, 2012 that he has only a few months to live and that neither the Dallas VA and UT Southwestern have a treatment option for him (he exhausted all of them). On Feb 29,2012 Josh and Candi were married at the Dallas VA hospital. Then on March 1, 2012, I started to fight to have the VA pay for Josh to seek options at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston TX. I contacted Wounded Warriors Project to seek assistance. but after a few days I took on the roll myself and started making calls. All the Dallas VA doctors had to do was sign a consultation to send Josh to MD ANDERSON. I had Josh's oncologist approve the consultation. but then we hit a brick wall, the Dallas VA Hospital's Chief of Staff Dr Gregg, denied the consultation. reason being that the VA does not pay for Veterans to get a second or third opinion. Josh isnt looking for another opinion, He is looking for a treatment option. Please sign this petition to get the VA to pay for Marine SSGT Joshua Franks to seek any and all treatments for his condition.

please forward the following to everyone that can help as well.


I am writing to you in regards to my younger brother, Joshua Franks. I need your help on something. On Feb. 27, 2012 he was told he has only a few months to live. On Wednesday Feb 29, 2012 Josh and Candi were married at the Dallas VA hospital. The day after Josh and Candi got married, I started working on getting a consultation approved from the Dallas VA (March 1, 2012) so Josh can go to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. He is trying to seek other treatment options since the Dallas VA as well as UT Southwestern has no more treatment options. I worked with 2 very helpful ladies, Shatana Copeland and Ruth Kirkland, who tracked down Josh's oncologist Dr. Jonathan Dowell to approve the consultation. Dr. Dowell did approved the consultation for Josh to go to MD Anderson but the Chief of Staff Dr. Gregg denied the consultation today March 14, 2012, with the reasoning being that the VA does not pay for second or third options. Josh and Candi are fighting to find a treatment that can help not a second or third opinion. MD Anderson has seen patients with the type of brain tumor he has. I am not pleased with the Dallas VA and its treatment of Veterans. He served 3 tours in Iraq only to come home and have this. All of this started while he was on active duty serving HIS COUNTRY. I am appalled and ashamed to see him treated this way. Our soldiers and Veterans deserve better than this. I am pleading with you to help us. I am handling this for Josh and Candi, because they have enough on their plate and we want them to focus on Josh. As I said before I am pleading with you to help me get the VA to Approve Josh to go to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston TX for a consultation on finding a treatment option.

thank you for your time,
Carrie Franks-Fink


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