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Stop the hunting of all species near endangerment, everywhere in the world.

The well-being of our entire society, directly and indirectly, is dependent upon the well-being of its environment. The Dallas Safari Club advocates the killing of rare and exotic animals such as lions, leopards, and elephants. Beyond just the callous nature of hunting an animal whose population numbers are in the low thousands, what type of moral standard are we setting for our kids and grand kids? The killing and harvesting of endangered and near-endangered species is hardly an act that resounds honor, dignity, and respect. I encourage you to speak up for those that can only roar when the buzz of a 4 inch bullet approaches them. Stampede over the Dallas Safari Club and groups like it, for those animals that would have if it were not for the .577 Tyrannosaur penetrating the elephant's brain. Take a moment and join this petition. Thank you.

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