Arrest Luke Luechtefeld

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Every rapist and abuser starts out by testing the waters. Luke Luechtefeld sexually assaulted a woman outside of a bar in Dallas, TX. As she walked out of the bar with her friends, Luechtefeld allegedly grabbed the woman’s waist, unzipped her romper, and grabbed her backside. This man publicly undressed and assaulted a woman and walked away smiling, stating that he had been waiting to do it all night. The woman was able to obtain a video of the aftermath of the situation as well as a message from Luechtefeld where he denied that he did anything wrong and it was “not the kind of person” he is. 

We are seeing this kind of behavior far too often, and we are seeing too many cases of privileged men who are able to walk away smiling, avoid charges, and continue on to assault even more women. 

There is so much proof in this case, and the police already have this man’s information. This should not be a buried story, and action needs to be taken. We need to send a message that it is not okay, or funny, to violate women this way, and they will not get away with it anymore. 

Luke Luechtefeld deserves jail time for the assault that he committed.