Parental Choice for In-Person Learning & Extracurriculars in DISD

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Parents deserve a choice to send their children for in-person learning and extracurricular activities in Dallas ISD, including Fall Sports, Band, Dance and the Arts. We ask the Dallas ISD Board to allow Parental Choice for in-person learning and extracurricular activities.

”Dallas ISD is offering two options for students to receive instruction: virtual learning and face-to-face.” —Dallas ISD Re-Entry Plan, July 22nd 2020

According to Dallas ISD’s own surveys, the majority of parents, teachers and coaches favor returning to in-person education. And despite a consistent decline in new COVID-19 cases, Superintendent Hinjosa’s order, given on August 20th, goes against the wishes of the Dallas ISD community and was a decision that he admitted he made on his own. 

Parents who choose distance learning are free to do so. Parents who choose in-person education and extracurriculars understand the required measures to prevent the spread and risks associated with COVID-19.

Dallas ISD Board, please allow for parental choice in September 2020. 
We understand these are difficult times, requiring difficult decisions. This is why your community placed you on the Dallas ISD Board.

Please do not allow one man’s decision to go against the majority of the Dallas ISD Community. 

Parents for Choice in Dallas ISD 2020