Dallas DA, John Creuzot , reopen the Darlie Routier case.

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Sarilda Routier , former mother in law of Miss Routier. 


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Texas Death Row inmate 999220 , Darlie Lynn Routier has been on Death Row since early 1997. Convicted of a crime she did not committ; the murder of her sons aged 5 and 6. There is much evidence to back that up. Some DNA tests has been dealt with and exclude the parents of Damon and Devon. There are still tests to be done, which will back up her story; that there indeed was an intruder. She did not do this. She is a victim and needs to come home to be with her family and surviving son..She needs to be able to grieve properly over her sons. Texas needs to correct the terrible wrong done to Ms Routier and her family.


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