Stop city of Dallas spay and neuter mandate

Stop city of Dallas spay and neuter mandate

February 7, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by James Williams

Dallas, Texas has a law, passed in 2008. Mandating all dogs and cats must be spayed or neutered.   After 14 years of this bill they have not managed to keep there shelter numbers down. They are full. Even after eliminating all cost and fees to the public, they are still full.  This law does not work. It makes normal citizens feel like criminals. Studies show people are now much less likely to go pick up their animals from the city because they are scared to deal with the city. They feel they have broken the law and may be punished. Residents of Dallas who are undocumented are even more likely to not pick up their animal from the city, for fear of legal problems.   for many people they feel as if they have lost a family member and can’t do anything about it.
   On top of that, studies show many breeds can suffer later in life from the spay or neuter.  Problems such as cancer, joint and bone issues as well as behavioral issues and more.    No government should have the right to mandate any spay and neuter laws. This should be between the pet owner and their veterinarian.  I want to fight to put a stop to this.  I have medical studies backing me up. As well as some animal rights groups who feel the same way.  The city of Dallas has overstretched into our lives and after 14 years have not made improvements to the situation, but have spent even more tax dollars.   People should have medical freedom for pets they own.  Lets get together and make a change!    Lets stop the city of Dallas spay and neuter mandate!

     This affects breeders in Dallas and the city has lost revenue as breeders have stopped breeding, moved, or decided to not apply for the permit and take a risk of getting in trouble.   This also affects all pet owners in the city.  There is many who feel they have to hide their animals and always be on the look out.

   California has the same mandate state wide.  Studies from California show that these mandates do not lower the number of animals they bring in.  It ends up costing the tax payer more and more money.

   many other cities around our country are making the same mistake.   It may start here in Dallas, Texas.  But we would like to go nationwide next.   Fighting for pets and pet owners everywhere. 

What made me want to get involved you ask?

    I had to rush out of town from Dallas Tuesday, to go to New Mexico and get there before the blizzard started. I made it there safely around 9pm Tuesday night. But early the next morning i got a phone call. My mother who was watching my dog Bruce, accidentally let him through the front door of her home, while she was leaving for work.

  He is a very large dog. With long fluffy hair. Mostly white with a blonde patch on his back. Very friendly and playful. 

  When I received that call I immediately packed back up. Loaded the car and rushed back through the very blizzard i was avoiding. Snow, ice and strong wind closed down Interstate 40 at clines corners. I rushed ahead through the blizzard towards Interstate 20, only to find it was closed as well. So I turned back to find Texas 114 and rode most of the way back in a white out. Slipping and sliding but focused on getting home to find my dog. When i made it home after my 14 hour drive, i drove and walked for 11 hours straight looking for Bruce. I didnt want him to be stuck outside in freezing temps.

   Finally i find out the Dallas County dog pound had him. At first i was thankful and felt very lucky he was safe. But when i went to pick him up that changed. I noticed his tongue was dry and cracked as if he was dehydrated. I immediately claimed him as mine. Showed pictures for proof and I thought all was set. Id get him home. Water and feed him and just enjoy his company. But i was told that to get my dog back i have to have him neutered. My heart dropped when i heard that. He is young and in good health. He has never escaped before. I am a responsible dog owner. There is no need for an unnecessary medical procedure especially one i do not consent to. But in order to get him back i will be forced to. I love my dog. He is part of my family. Also per state of texas law he is my property. No government has the right to tell anyone they have to alter the genitalia of an animal. I will be making stand against this. And i need help.   I am planning to protest, petition and use every resource possible.

                    what do we want?

The main goal now is for the state of Texas to pass a law restricting any city from passing such mandates.  I would like to call this law “Bruce’s Law”.   In honor of my beloved dog bruce who was altered due to these mandates.

we want the dallas mandate repealed.

we want medical freedom for people and animals. All medical decisions should be between the pet owner and their veterinarian.

if you agree with my position please sign this petition. Even if thats all you can do, it will help more than you may think. If there is more you would like to do please contact me so we can work together. We have to be heard. So we have to be loud.  We definitely have to be peaceful and lawful, but we can do that and still be bold.  I will be taking action. Will you take action with me?

You can contact me at

thank you

james williams

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Signatures: 174Next Goal: 200
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