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Confederate Monuments in Dallas Should Stay Put

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The Dallas City Council is considering taking down the confederate statues in Dallas, TX under the pretext that they are symbols of hate, that they somehow promote inequality or racism.  This will cost the taxpayers of Dallas $ 2 million.

When was the last time you visited a confederate monument in Dallas to fill up on racism? How does taking down statues stop hate or promote equality? Where are the studies that prove beyond a doubt that taking down a Confederate statue reduces the hate or racism in a person's heart?

There is no logical, provable rationale for taking the Confederate statues in Dallas down.  This entire charade is politically motivated and has nothing to do with concern for the citizens of Dallas nor improved race relations.  Look no further than attempts to do this very same thing all over the South as proof that it is entirely coordinated and politically motivated.

By signing this petition you are telling the Dallas City Council you want the Confederate monuments in Dallas to Stay Put.

Note: This video establishes that people from the black community also want the statues to stay:


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