Dallas Childrens/UT Southwestern - Fire Dr Suren Reddy

Dallas Childrens/UT Southwestern - Fire Dr Suren Reddy

October 10, 2022
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Started by Erin Ensley

On the early morning of October 9th 2021 - Dr Reddy came into my 4yr old daughter, Willow’s, ICU room at Dallas Childrens. 

He was to preform a bubble test to confirm her IJ that the ICU team placed in her 8 weeks prior had in fact eroded into her heart sack and causing a fluid build up. 

He boasted about what an AMAZING doctor he was and assured us that we would not want any other doctor working on our daughter. 

The bubble test was done, dad and I saw the bubbles on the ultrasound machine. Dr Reddy wasn’t satisfied with this because he didn’t get it on film. 

So he decided that they would add MORE fluid to a heart that already had to much in it. This forced my 4 yr old daughter to have a heart attack. 

They preformed CPR for 33 minutes on a heart that had too much fluid on it. 

The ICU attending then wanted to call her time but my husband asked why they didn’t do ECMO like promised if “something bad where to happen” 

So they cracked her chest open, and saw all the fluid around her heart. They drained it, and after 45 minutes, her heart beat on its own. 

That was a testament of her strength. Mean time Dr Reddy comes out of her room, SLAPS my husband on the shoulder saying “I think everything is going to be just fine! They got some really good, deep compressions in there” 

What about those compressions did he think were good? Her heart sack was full of fluid! The CPR did nothing. 

On October 10th we had to choose, take her off of life support or wait 3 days and let them call her officially brain dead. 

I knew my sweet baby was no longer with us. So we climbed into bed with her as they took her off life support and said goodbye. 

I have filed numerous investigations into the hospital and Dr Reddy. As I suspected they are hiding from this and trying to cover it up by saying it was “appropriate” care. Yet NO ONE can explain why FORCING a 4 yr old to have a heart attack to get something on film is appropriate. NO ONE can answer me to why it was needed to be on film NO ONE can tell me why they wasted 33 minutes of CPR on heart that couldn’t pump. 

Dr Reddy still works on children. How many others will he use for his own gain as a professor and get away with it? 

He should be fired. 

Do better Dallas Childrens. 
Do better UT Southwestern.





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Signatures: 7,983Next Goal: 10,000
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