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Expel the Students who were members and/or participated in the Facebook group called 'Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen'

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Like many Canadians, I was shocked to hear that the path Dalhousie University has chosen to deal with members of the Facebook group 'Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen' will be a closed, internal and confidential process.

In this Facebook group, fourth year members of the Dalhousie University Dentistry School, using Dalhousie as their 'brand', promoted sexual violence including rape and rape aided by drugging females. They too, mentioned at least two of their female classmates in a sexually explicit and sexually violent post. The post included a poll asking which female classmate should be 'hate f*cked'. These are just two examples of the hateful, harassing and misogynistic posts that members of this group condoned by being part of it.

As an alumna of Dalhousie University, I believe in having a transparent and independent investigation in which those that are found guilty of having broken the code of conduct will be held responsible for their actions. I believe that given the current environment of bullying and sexual violence plaguing our Canadian education facilities, justice MUST be done, but it must also be SEEN to be done.

I also believe that the lack of swift and decisive action from the University's leader has jeopardized and completely disregarded the health, safety and human rights of the victims. Coming January, both victims and perpetrators will continue to sit together in classes, examinations and group activities. It seems as if Dalhousie has forgotten its commitment to ensure a healthy and positive learning environment for all.

As part of the community, I also echo the voices of many concerned citizens on the graduating of professional students into a health care profession where they will be in a position of trust and authority. Many of us believe that these students have shown little regard for the ethics and morality that are not only necessary but a critical part of being a member of a health profession. The public is worried that a dental student who shows such misogynistic attitudes and perceives, as funny or trivial, the use of sedatives (commonly used in the dental profession) to have non consensual sex with females, is just not 'cut out' to enter the labour force as a dentist. 

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