Support for our professor-- Dr. Heather Helpard

Support for our professor-- Dr. Heather Helpard

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After 18 years of dedication, hard work, and love for teaching, Dr. Heather Helpard recently received the devastating news that she will no longer be a professor for the Dalhousie School of Nursing. This comes as a shock to not only Heather, but also the many students who have had the opportunity to be taught by her. 

Heather is a wonderful woman, professor and nurse. Her passion for teaching is evident each and every time she steps into the classroom. She is always willing to provide extra support to students who are struggling, she makes herself available to students and encourages students to provide constructive criticism to enhance their learning experience in her classes. She provides an environment that is stimulating and facilitates learning to students. This is evident in that Heather has received the Teacher Appreciation Award a number of times, including this past Friday from the 3 Year Direct Entry- Class of 2019.

The purpose of this petition is to show Dr. Helpard that we, the students, love and support her. It's also to show Dalhousie University that they are letting go of one of the best professors in the School of Nursing and to reconsider their position. Heather has made an impact on so many nursing students throughout her career, lets show her how much we appreciate her.  

Although this is disheartening and frustrating to many people, I kindly ask that we refrain from commenting any negative comments towards Dalhousie as that is not the intention of this petition. Please use the comment section below to empower Dr. Helpard and show her that she has made an impact on us. Show Dalhousie that this decision a mistake, the SON won't be the same without Heather!